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Welcome to Volantes

Spectacular, hardbreaking and comical

Denmark got talent

Golden Buzzer

Jonathan is Doing a great work for the Talent competition in Denmark


Denmark got talent - Finals 2019

Teeterboard slapstick

The judges loved the show

Johnny cyr wheel

Denmark got talent - Semifinals 2019


Sharks on Board

150 bpm

A performance filled up with acrobatics, teeterboard and character work through out a story line. The change from a normal job, where everything is about, effectivity and the race for earning money into a whole new world of seeing the life from another ankle.


This is an amazing family highly skilled one hour show

Performed by Jonathan Bendtsen Daniel Bendtsen, And Tobias Niemöller


Amazing for backyard parties, wedding etc. Volantes Have a great collaboration with Cirkus Panik, and are proud of this innovative acro fire style.

Varieté Miscellaneous

a collaboration with Cirkus Panik


Volantes offers different kinds of Workshops and classes for all ages. Schools, events, company events, etc.
We love to inspire people through bodily movements and sheer physicality, since we know that an active body is one of the most important things for human health.
We offer:
circus workshops (acrobatics, partner-acrobatics, handstand, juggling, theatre and movement)

Acrobatic workshops and classes (including handstand)

Physical workshops and classes for a healthy body




Volantes is a new-thinking concept in performing arts with a special focus on circus skills.
Our concept is to reach out to people with live performances and shows that will make the individual go home with an extraordinary feeling of inspiration and passion.
The founders are the two brothers Daniel and Jonathan, who have always found joy in moving and expressing themselves skilfully on stage.
It has now turned into a profession for both of them in which each has gone far in his individual career, from working with BMT to working with cirque du soleil.